Redecorate Your Life

Last year we added a saltwater tank to our home and quickly became amateur junkies!  We justified spending the time and money on our new hobby in order to have a fun, healthy activity center for when our newborn baby boy arrived.  Let’s just say, this is the most expensive “toy” a newborn has ever received!

The tank, however, was mesmerizing, enchanting, magical…until we mistakenly added a couple of fish who changed the entire energetic feel of the tank: the bossy, territorial Yellow Tang and a Damsel fish who lived up to his name of “Ninja”.

They lived in our tank for a while before the inevitable happened. Tensions rose so high that several of our fish began “disappearing”, and I finally said enough is enough!  We had to restore balance and harmony to this tank!  After several comical attempts of capturing the two bullies, we returned them to the store and reiterated to the employees our necessity for a docile living environment.

We bought a few more saltwater beauties to add to our tank along with a few more pounds of live rock.  We redecorated our fish’s living quarters, added the new members, and kept our fingers crossed.  Quickly after the home makeover, all of the coral opened and became exquisitely vibrant, and every single fish and crustacean in the tank started joyously swimming about.  We did not realize exactly how detrimental the energy of the two previous fish was to our tank until we saw the tank come to life when it was filled with gentleness.

It seems silly to make such a big deal about a 55 gallon saltwater tank; after all, they are just fish (I am sure is what some people are thinking).  However, we can relate this to any environment in our life whether big or small.  Once negativity is added, the energies enduring the toxic environment struggle, become angry or scared, and do not have the room to flourish and grow.

Take a moment to ask yourself what energies or relationships in your life are toxic.  How do you need to redecorate in order to promote peace, harmony and balance?  It’s not easy getting rid of the negative energy and it’s even harder when you have to cut ties altogether, but once you do, your world will become brighter and you will be able to enjoy that rhythmic dance we call life.

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