If you have used any of my Reiki services, I encourage you to share your experiences and stories in the hopes to help others.   ~With Sincere Thanks and Gratitude, Lindsay

Lindsay is blessed with an amazing gift. She makes you feel comfortable and you are at peace in her presence. She is full of compassion and a very beautiful person. She really helped me. I had a pain on the right side of my collar bone for five years. My doctor could not figure out what it could be, numerous blood tests, xrays, ultrasounds, etc…..She could feel where the pain was on my first session and with her healing touch completely removed it. That was in July of 2011, the pain never returned again. I am forever grateful.
D Russo

As a fellow healer, I know the importance of getting regular Reiki treatments. That is why I go to Lindsay! She works with the highest level of integrity, has refined skills, and does whatever is in the highest good of her clients, whether they are people or animals. You owe it to yourself to use her services!
Brenda Cary Jenks, Feng Shui With Brenda

I first met Lindsay at a Fellow Healers’ business and instantly felt warmth and compassion and became one of Lindsay’s client’s and student for Reiki ART/Master course. Lindsay’s healing sessions are relaxing and her love and passion for you as a whole person and respect for the Reiki Spirit is inspiring and you leave her office feeling relief, relaxed, filled with love…many more positive loving things that are inexpressible.
As a Reiki teacher Lindsay has integrity, a fun loving personality, encouraging, respectful, detailed and never tires of answering questions that arise. I am grateful that Lindsay is part of my life.
Jean Knobloch

I can’t express in enough words Lindsay! She is a configuration of everything beautiful & her commitment to animals & people alike in her practice goes beyond the extra mile. She has so helped both of my dogs who are wonderful, senior citizens & great companions. To help them flourish in their age group each day is what is important. They both have been very healthy & have had some issues that have been taken care of with Reikki & communication. I love it & always recommend Lindsay to everyone who will listen! Thank you Lindsay 
Hope Caruso-Adler

Lindsay recently helped to restore the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of my sweet Newfie. My dog was dealing with depression, low thyroid, serious spider bite and fever. She was lethargic, exhausted and not at all her happy, lively, sweet self. Lindsay did a series of Reiki sessions on my dear girl; intuited clear, loving and healing advice and guidance about nutrition, seeing the veterinarian, and other needs. With each treatment, my Newfie seemed to release some dis-ease and regain more vitality. Today, my girl is back to herself and acting as sweet and goofy as ever. We are indebted to Lindsay and her talents. We are extremely grateful! 

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