About Ladybird Light

Lindsay Bodkin, LMT – Reiki Master Teacher and Animal Communicator

Lindsay Bodkin, Owner of Ladybird Light, LLC., is a Registered Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher through the International Center for Reiki Training, as well as an Usui Reiki Master Teacher, who specializes in Animal Communication.  She loves serving Warren, Washington and Saratoga Counties in New York as well as venturing to other parts of the country in order to serve the Animal Kingdom.

As a child, Lindsay grew up with a great respect for all animals and generally had dogs, birds, gerbils, rabbits, turtles, snakes and cats in her home.  In retrospect, she has much gratitude towards those animals who taught her at a young age how to share their language, but admits that many of those animals were not happy about their captivity.  Now, Lindsay strives to aid the Animal Kingdom by going to her heart center and truly listening to the animals voices in order to relay their messages to their owners so both person and animal can live life harmoniously together.

Lindsay combines the healing energy of Reiki while communicating with animals because she believes it helps build trust during the session, opens the animals’ willingness to receive, and it helps animals utilize their natural ability to heal.

At the age of 22, Lindsay was side-swiped by a tractor-trailer and had limited use of her left arm and continuous pain in her neck and shoulders.  While traditional physical therapy helped, her practitioner felt strongly to incorporate CranioSacral Therapy as well as other types of bodywork.  Only then did Lindsay begin making strides in her healing. Lindsay is very thankful to have been opened to those diverse healing modalities because that journey has led her to learn and incorporate the benefits and beauty of energy healing in her daily life.

Lindsay graduated from CNW School of Massage in Albany, New York in 2015 and is a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of New York.  She is a CranioSacral Therapist through the Upledger Institute.  Lindsay is co-owner of Massage Works, LLC and all massage services may be booked through http://www.massageworksforyou.com.  Please note that the massage services Lindsay provides are NOT done on animals and are only available to her human clients as per New York State law.

Lindsay joyously shares her life with her husband, her 4 children, and her loving animals:  Shiva, a Shepherd/Pitbull mix; Stout, a Chocolate Lab; Goose, a Fawn Boxer; Chase, a Golden Retriever; Lotus, a Husky, two catsTux and Gracie; and saltwater fish.  They continuously make her laugh and constantly teach her about humility, unconditional love, and forgiveness. Animals are the great teachers of the Earth!