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Beginning Meditation

Meditation can be done anywhere at any time! I used to get stressed even over the idea of meditation; actually, it was over the fear of failing at meditation.  I am not one who can sit quietly in lotus pose for hours at a time in mindless bliss.  That had been my perception of what it is to truly meditate.  The truth is, ...

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Redecorate Your Life

Last year we added a saltwater tank to our home and quickly became amateur junkies!  We justified spending the time and money on our new hobby in order to have a fun, healthy activity center for when our newborn baby boy arrived.  Let’s just say, this is the most expensive “toy” a newborn has ever received!

The tank, however, was mesmerizing, enchanting, magical…until we ...

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Reiki Sessions for People and Animals


26 Saratoga Avenue, South Glens Falls, NY

Reiki for YOU and your animals!!!

Thank you for visiting!  Please explore the site to see how Reiki and Animal Communication can help you as well as your pets!

Ever wonder what your animal is truly trying to say to you?  By quieting the mind and enhancing your intuition, you will be able to hear your ...

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